All numbers are favorite numbers, but some of them are more favorable than others.*

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Researchers asked thirty thousand participants the same question: “What is your lucky number?” in the survey. So, everyone has a chance to see that their lucky number is how much popular. As I discussed in my preceding article, almost 10 % of the participants answered it was ‘7’, which was the most preferred number in the survey. When the 30 most preferred numbers are enlisted, the number 3 comes second after 7, then numbers 8 and 4 follow them. What are the unique features of these…

Is it number 7, right?

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In everyday life, many occasions contribute to the mental work of knowledge and meaning associated with a number. Although numbers have been a part of our lives, they are in some situations that have little to do with mathematics. From the pin code of phone to home address, from our age to the model of the car, they always present numbers. The numbers that help us understand mathematics can sometimes be thought of distinctly from mathematics. …

Here are five reasons why?

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Mathematics is a universal language. Math establishes abilities in concrete thinking, spatial thought, and logical reasoning. Mathematics, especially mental arithmetic, is known to boost the capacity of the brain significantly. The study of shapes, numbers, and patterns helps develop solid observational skills and fosters critical thinking. Mathematicians (or anyone dealing with math) have the opportunity to communicate universally and improve their brain health. Your brain will thank you for learning math for five reasons:

Telescopes use the parabolas for hunting (!) stars.

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Owls have been a symbol of wisdom and magic throughout history in ancient Greece, Asia, and America. For instance, Athena, Athens’ patron goddess and the goddess of wisdom, had an owl as a symbol. On the other hand, owls are magical creatures most often used for delivering post and parcels in Harry Potter’s wizard world. In my opinion, they are also unquestionably gorgeous and mysterious. However, their mystery comes from the math that uses it during the hunt. Owls can use the parabolic system to find the location of their prey.

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Do You Solve it in the New Year?

When the end of each year approaches, teachers often make this joke at schools. They told the students that they would collect the assignment back next year. Since these are the last days of the year, the students have just two or three weeks to do their tasks. It is the holiday season, and even you could not count it as spare time. Everyone says that 2020 is the worst year ever; I will not argue that everyone is locked down in their homes because of the pandemic. So, you might have more time in this holiday season, any way…

Whether you like math or not, but you could not discuss its importance. All useful inventions make our lives more convenient by using more or less mathematics and its applications. However, does math exist, or does it not? There have been a lot of disputes on this argument. In other words, is mathematics creativity or discovery?

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Mathematics is in all other sciences, but it is difficult for other sciences to interfere with mathematics. However, getting any tangible gain from mathematics is very limited. Biology studies living organisms. The equivalent of many things as living forms, plant species, and organism types…

Book Review: Chased By Numbers

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Mathematics and mathematical formulas are most people’s nightmares. “Math anxiety” is a type of disorder that is defined as feelings of tension, apprehension, and fear of situations involving mathematics. In recent researches Math anxiety is prevalent in our society; as many as 25% of 4-year university students and 80% of community college students suffer from a high degree of math anxiety. Math anxiety is not only negatively correlated to math performance in school, but it can be also seen in the workplace and beyond after the students graduate. The general assumption is that…

Magic square at the Parshvanatha Temple, Khajuraho

Magic Squares are square grids with a unique arrangement of numbers in them. So when you think of a magic square, it is understood from everywhere in the square shape, the sum of which gives the same number — the sum of rows, columns, and diagonals. These numbers are exceptional because every row, column, and diagonal adds up to the same number. Magic Squares, one of the Sudoku-style question types, may vary in the numbers to be placed in the square according to the size of it. For example, let say there is a square with nine grids asks: how…

Think of yourself as a desert ant. You leave your nest to search for food early in the morning in the deserts of Tunisia, except you do not know where to find food. You, therefore, walk randomly in the desert in a circuitous outward path from your nest until you find food. If you would find food, how do you get it back to your home? How do you go back without having left for yourself any traces or signs in the wasteland, without knowing where you located, and most importantly, without ending up stranded in the scorching heat of…

We perceive several problems related to the functions in many situations in life and develop solutions accordingly. The function shows the effect of one (or more) variable(s) on another variable. In simple terms, one factor can be called the transformation of another factor. When you send a piece of mail by cargo, you pay according to the weight of your cargo. Or imagine using an hourly Internet service in a library or airplane; the more hours you use the Internet, the more you pay.

A group of people wants to rent a bus. The number of people does not affect…

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