Luck or Divine Intervention

Dr. Hakan Oztunc
11 min readSep 12, 2021
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Have you ever thought about what your world would be like without numbers? Numbers play considerable roles in developing our culture and societies, and we encounter them everywhere. We need numbers for a living. We do not use them only to count, measure, and do calculations, but numbers also rule our lives. We are identified by Social Security Numbers, bank account numbers, and telephone numbers. Science, economy, and business are all about numbers. All of our society is organized with the help of numbers. On the other hand, there are observable patterns in nature. Mathematics is a science of patterns in some definitions. However, we would not realize the designs without numbers. Like pi, we can see the ratio between the circle’s circumference and its diameter. Still, the next step must be to identify it. It is just one example of the patterns in nature, regardless of whether we can consistently distinguish them. The numbers allow us to understand fascinating and useful patterns of nature that we would never be able to pick on otherwise.

In everyday life, many occasions contribute to the growth of the mental work of knowledge and meaning associated with a number. Although numbers have been a part of our lives, they are in some situations that have little to do with mathematics. The numbers that help us understand mathematics can sometimes be thought of distinctly from mathematics. When you think of the number seven, for instance, you can ask why everything is so much related to 7.

Why is everything 7?

Why are there seven days a week?

Why is James Bond encoded with 007?

Why are there seven dwarfs in Snow White's fairy tale?

Why are seven sleepers known in Islam and Christianity?

Why does the seven-armed candlestick, one of the symbols of Judaism, have seven arms?

Why is Istanbul known as the city of seven hills?

Why is the number of circumambulations seven in the Kaaba?

Why is the world defined by seven continents?

Why does the rainbow have seven colors?

Why does the rose bloom seven times?

Why does the sky have seven floors?



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