What Is Your Lucky Number?

Dr. Hakan Oztunc
4 min readJun 9, 2021

Is it number 7, right?

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In everyday life, many occasions contribute to the mental work of knowledge and meaning associated with a number. Although numbers have been a part of our lives, they are in some situations that have little to do with mathematics. From the pin code of phone to home address, from our age to the model of the car, they always present numbers. The numbers that help us understand mathematics can sometimes be thought of distinctly from mathematics. When you think of the number seven, for instance, you can ask why everything is so much related to 7.

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Why is everything 7?

Why are there seven days a week?

Why is James Bond encoded with 007?

Why are there seven dwarfs in Snow White's fairy tale?

Why are seven sleepers known in Islam and Christianity?

Why does the seven-armed candlestick, one of the symbols of Judaism, have seven arms?

Why is Istanbul known as the city of seven hills?

Why is the number of circumambulations seven in the Kaaba?

Why is the world defined by seven continents?

Why does the rainbow have seven colors?

Why does the rose bloom seven times?

Why does the sky have seven floors?

Why does the term “seven bottoms of the earth” exist?

Why does the dragon of the sea have seven heads?

Why are the wonders of the world are called the Seven Wonders of the World?

Why is the number of notes seven in music?

Why are there seven stars in each of the Big-Little Bear constellations?

Why are there seven verses in Surah al-Fatiha?

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Why is the number seven so unique? Really why?

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